50 Cent Claims Bow Wow Stole Money Intended For Dancers!

Just a day ago, Lil Duval accused Bow Wow of flexing with and throwing 50 Cent’s money at an Atlanta dance club and now 50 Cent is confirming that it’s indeed true. Not only is 50 Cent calling out Bow Wow for throwing his money, he’s now claiming that Bow Wow even pocketed some of the cash. Yesterday, 50 Cent posted a clip of Bow Wow counting money which did not belong to Bow Wow.

50 Cent hosted an event at earlier at Allure in Atlanta where he gave out singles for the guest to throw at the dancers. Bow Wow was in attendance but 50 Cent announced that Bow Wow is no longer invite to any of his events. 50 Cent exposed Bow Wow with clips on IG showing him with a wad of 50’s cash stuffed in his pants. 50 was so mad, he even tagged Jermaine Dupri who brought Bow Wow, saying what kinda ish is this?

Bow Wow responded, saying that he in fact brought his own cash however, he’s willing to pay up to $1,000 to 50 Cent to avoid any animosity. If it is true, Bow Wow should know 50 doesn’t play when it comes to money.