She Gotta Be Cheating

Back in the 20th century, a cell phone was just a device used to make calls which did not require a land line. At the turn of the century, however, cell phones began to evolve. Cell phones literally went from being just phones to phones with cameras. By the early 2000s, the first smart phone was developed. Now, in 2019, a cell phone is a personal device that most people are attached to. People do every thing on their phones from making calls to using social media on them.

Most people’s cell phones contain intimate details about themselves. Most people do not want people going through their phones, especially cheaters. The lady in this video had to be a cheater. She was so adamant about not letting her boyfriend see her phone that she took matters into her own hands. Watch the video below to see how far this woman goes to avoid having her man see what’s hidden in her phone.