Fetty Wap Slapped Her Phone Out Her Hand

Domestic violence is never condoned and any man who lays his hands on a woman is a punk. It takes a real loser to beat on a woman, but in some situations, some women push men to their boiling points. We always advise menRapper Fetty Wap and his trap queen were in a hotel and according to the woman, Fetty laid hands on her hand.

Fetty Wap may have just one eye but he definitely had 20/20 vision when he slapped a woman’s phone out of her hand. They appeared to be in the middle of a dispute when Fetty Wap slapped the woman’s phone. We don’t condone domestic violence but did she deserve it? In the video, the woman is taunting Fetty Wap until he loses his cool. Watch the video below to see Fetty Wap slap her phone out of her hand