2019 NBA Drafters Didn’t Know Who Outkast Was

The 2019 NBA Drafters consist of young men born in the between 1998 and 2000 and are relatively young. Most of these guys were born the same year Will Smith dropped his album Willenium and people were getting jiggy with it. These guys are super young and when you see this video you’ll understand why.

The kids in this video sit down with ESPN to play a 1990s trivia game and their answers are unbelievable. `Watching these young guys struggle with these questions really put into perspective how long ago the 90s really is. Just next year 1990 will have been 30 years ago and to a lot of us, it feels like yesterday. Watch the video below to see how these 2019 NBA drafters snuggle with this 1990s trivia game.