Diddy Reportedly Got ENGAGED To Steve Harvey’s Daughter!!

According to the good people over at MTONews.com, Diddy reportedly for engaged to Steve Harvey’s daughter, Lori Harvey. Here’s what they had to say:

Sean “Diddy” Combs and Lori Harvey are engaged, according to rampant rumors swirling around Los Angeles.

Diddy, the 49 year old mogul, and Steve Harvey’s 22 year old step daughter Lori Harvey have been dating now for the past couple of months. 

But no one thought that the two would be talking about marriage already.

Last night, Lori attended a Ciroc Party with Diddy in Hollywood – and she was sporting a GIANT diamond ring on her finger. We spoke to multiple people at the event, and they all confirm that the ring DEFINITELY appeared to be an engagement ring.

And there’s more – Lori was calling herself a “wife” on Instagram.

In an explosive interview, Virginia – Diddy’s former girlfriend – claims that the 49 year old is now dating Steve Harvey’s daughter.

The model explained, “We were in Atlanta for Super Bowl . . . we were staying at this house that he rented out.” The model added, “We were having parties the whole weekend and [Lori Harvey] came over.”

She continued, “I noticed that [Lori and Diddy] were gone, and I was looking for them all over.” The model claims that Lori and Diddy were off together, enjoying intimate time.

And according to Virginia, Diddy and Lori are officially a couple. She told the interviewer, “[Lori] travels all over with Diddy, to parties and even to family functions.”

Here’s Lori, on Instagram calling herself someone’s “wife.”

Notice the ring…

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