Father of “Ugly” Viral Baby Plans on Getting a DNA Test Done!!!

Wednesday a mother went on Facebook Live showing off her child to the world, but not in a way you would think. She broadcast her child to the entire world, addressing how “ugly” and “funny looking” the newborn is. Since going on live, her video already has millions of views and has gone viral.

Just hours after the mother roasted her own child in front of the all of her followers, her alleged baby father, Larry, has been identified. In the video she mentions that the baby’s looks are because of the father but the man she claims is the father has other thoughts on the matter.

Since the viral video people have been reaching out to Larry saying that the baby looks nothing like him and he agrees. He took to his twitter account and stated,

“Man ain’t no way I’m the father of that child. He look like the uglass mamma more than anything. DNA test is def otw.”