Wiz Said Megan Thee Stallion Smells

Megan Thee Stallion has been having a hot girl summer, with her latest hits “Big Ol’ Freak” and “Cash S**t” rising on the charts, the summer seems to belong to Megan Thee Stallion when it comes to the hottest tracks. The Houston native has been blazing sound waves and the hot girls are loving it. With Megan’s rising fame, she’s become a mystery to many fans. Many fans have romantically linked her to Wiz Khalifa. Although she’s has confirmed a relationship with MoneyBagg Yo, Wiz has confirmed that he briefly had a fling with Megan Thee Stallion.

The pair linked up, and even though it was short lived, Wiz claims Megan is unforgettable. Wiz claims the fling with Megan was strictly platonic, meaning he never actually came close to smashing. According to the rapper, they just hung out together a few times. Here’ s how Wiz Khalifa remember’s the last time they hung out:

“I linked up with her at a club when I was out in Houston and all I could say was ‘d*mn’. She was definitely the stallion she describes herself as, tall and thick in the right places. I can’t lie, I wanted to take her back to the room but throughout the night, I was just completely turned off. She was dancing, twerking on a couch and all I could smell was her p*ssy. She smelled like period juice and pickled pig feet when she twerks. I don’t know if it is because she been having a hot girl summer, but she needed a hot girl bath that night”

This is definitely not the first time someone has confirmed a foul smell from Megan Thee Stallion. It’s been rumored that Thee Stallion has some serious B.O. issues and we can only hope that with her latest rise to stardom, she uses her earnings to invest in some self-care.