Kodak Black Gets City Girls’ Yung Miami’s Car Shot Up After Beef With Her Baby Daddy!!!

It’s been a hot girl summer for Yung Miami and things are getting even hotter for the rapper. The Florida rapper has had a a lot on her plate and things took just took a turn for the worst. Incarcerated rapper Kodak Black has had an ongoing beef with Yung Miami’s baby daddy and things have gotten ugly. Kodak released a song from behind bars and he claims that he will punch the pregnant rapper in the stomach to cause harm to her unborn child. 

After the song was released, Yung Miami’s baby daddy was not happy with the bar from Kodak’s prison freestyle and now the two have been beefing. No stranger to controversy, Kodak claimed that he would put a tag on Yung Miami’s baby’s head. Here’s exactly what Kodak Black had to say from behind bars:

“Yung Miami shoulda chose a real nxgga, instead she wanted a studio lame. How bout this then, when I touchdown, Imma really punch that hxe in the stomach, matter fact, I’ll give anybody $50 to snatch that baby’s diapers to daddy”

Yung Miami’s baby daddy, Southside responded saying “Hey, somebody tell Kodak suck a dxxk. How ’bout that? Get out of jail first, pxxsy,” he declared. Days after Southside responded, Yung Miami’s car was agressivly shot at while leaving the studio. So far, Yung Miami nor Southside have yet to respond.