BREAKING NEWS: Rob Gronkowski Comes Out of Retirement and Rejoins the Patriots and in a Miraculous Move!

This weekend has been full of surprises for the New England Patriots. Just yesterday, NFL receiver Antonio Brown shared an instagram post saying he wanted out of Oakland and hours later he was cut by the Raiders and signed by the New England Patriots. The signing of Brown came as a surprise to NFL fans as many suspected teams would not want to deal with Brown and his antics.

Brown was pissed about being fined after getting into its with Oakland Raiders general Mike Maycock. Since then, Brown did apologize the day before being cut by the Raiders. Despite Brown’s offseason drama, the receiver his the lottery when he signed with the New England Patriots. The surprises didn’t stop with the Patriots signing Antonio Brown. The six time super champions front office got a call this morning that’s put a huge twist to this weekend. Rob Grownkowski is ready to lace his cleats back up and come out of retirement. Just a few months back, Grownkowski announced his retirement from the NFL but now the tight end claims he retired prematurely and he’s ready to come back as early as week 3.

So far, the details of Grownkowski’s contracts have not been released. Grownkowski’s agent is scheduled to release details this evening.

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