“Antonio Brown Forced Me To Lick His Butt Hole” Says Latest Accuser!

It’s been a rough month for the NFL wife receiver Antonio Brown. It all started when he was traded to the Oakland Raiders where he was recently fined for missing practice which led to a heated argument between Antonio Brown and the Raiders General Manager Mike Mayock. It was reported that the wide receivers hurled racial slurs at Mayock, calling him a “cr*cker”. Brown did apologize but demanded a trade and three days later, he was traded to the New England Patriots. The day following the trade, the first accuser, a gymnastics trainer, came out, saying that Brown sexually assaulted her on two separate occasions and attempted to rape her on a third occasion. A second accuser surfaced today, an artist who claims that Brown had sexual relations in front of her while she was painting a project.

Now, a third accuser has come forward. A young woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, a hair stylist from Atlanta, Ga who would braid and retwist Antonio Brown’s hair on several occasions. The accuser claims that the last time she did Brown’s hair, things took a turn for the worst. The woman claims that Antonio Brown forced himself on her and sodomized her, forcing his buttocks in her face. Sources close to Brown claim that although they were unaware of the situation, they are not the least bit surprised since Brown often joked about forcing women to lick his anus. Here’s how the stylist recalled the assault:

“I remember it like it was yesterday. I was AB’s house doing his hair. I was sitting on a couch while he sat on the floor between my legs as I did his hair. There was nothing unusual about him sitting between my legs since it is a common practice when doing hair. I finished re-twisting his hair and as I put the last clip in, he asked me how much was I charging. Once I told him ‘$40’, he turned his head and said, ‘$40? You gone have to do a little more than some hair for $40’. I nervously chuckled because I was confused. I’ve always charged him $40 and he’s never said anything before. So anyway, I asked him to stand up so I could get up and he told me I was not going anywhere. ‘You not going no where. I told you I need more than my hair done for $40. So you might as well sit down’ AB said. I tried to get up but he stood up and pushed me back on the couch. It was like he was not the same person anymore. So at this point, I was scared and then her began to take his pants down. He was not wearing any underwear. I thought he was about to force me to have intercourse but instead, he stood in my face backwards, spread his buttocks and told me I better lick his axx hole. He said that if I didn’t he would ruin me. He forced his butt in my mouth and made me lick his butt hole for 20 minutes until he ejaculated. He told me if I ever told this story, nobody would believe me. He said that he would ruin me and that I should feel honored to have ‘ate his booty’. I have never been so terrified in my life. I felt disgusting, hurt and confused”

The accuser says the incident happened last December. She claims that she was not going to report the incident because she felt that no one would believe her. It was not until other women began to come forward with their bizarre encounters with Brown. So far, Brown’s camp has not made any comments regarding the latest accuser. Brown did take to social media to announce that he was done playing for the NFL after being cut by the New England Patriots just after one game appearance due to the assault allegations.