Lil Wayne Diagnosed With Lupus!

Rapper Lil Wayne has been laying relatively low these last few months and has had little spotlight on him. Weezy has finally revealed that he has been battling Lupus, a disease that runs in his family, for the past few months. While most of us assumed he was laying low due to label problems with Cash Money and his mentor Birdman, the truth is, Lil Wayne has been trying to improve his health. Not only does Lil Wayne suffer from Lupus, he is also epileptic, a condition that causes his body to have seizures.

While his health is on a rapid decline, Lil Wayne’s spirits are not. A devout Catholic, Lil Wayne says that he will continue to hold strong onto his faith and continue to live each day as if it were his last.

“Life is just too short to sit here and worry all the fuxking time. I still got shxt I need to do for my family who need me more than ever. I am going to continue to do me, and I’m getting back in the studio. I don’t give a fuxk about no Lupus, I’m still Weezy F Baby and I’m not gone let shxt get in the way of that. I’m gone do me by any means necessary. Yeah, I’ll take a lil’ medication if I need to, but Im still gone live my life and enjoy my vices”

Says Lil Wayne, who is an avid user of recreational drugs and an indulger in alcohol. Medical professionals have always recommended that those with disease such as Lupus refrain from recreational drug use. Lil Wayne stated that he first began noticing that something was just not right when his locs began to thin out and fall out more than usual and also severe joint pains which made daily tasks unbearable. Finally, a close family member recommended that he go get a checked out because he experienced a lot of the symptoms that others in their family also shared.

Despite his failing health, Lil Wayne is obviously not letting something like Lupus get in the way of his music and his life. He remains optimistic and is currently working on a new album.