Mother of Botham Jean Asks Judge to Reduce Amber Guyger’s 10 Year Sentence, Says Family Forgives Guyger For Murdering Son

Dallas, TX- This week, the former Dallas Police officer Amber Guyger was convicted of the murder of Botham Jean, a young black man who was murdered in his own apartment last year. Jurors found Guyger to be guilty of murdering Jean and she was sentenced to 10 years behind bars, with parole eligibility after serving five years. Although convicted of murder, many people are outraged at the sentencing, but the Jean family feels otherwise.

The family of Botham Jean are now seeking a different outcome as they have forgiving Guyger who claims she accidentally murdered Jean after walking into his apartment, mistaking it for her own home. “We feel that as a Christian family that we must open our hearts up and forgive Amber Guyger. We honestly believe that the unfortunate killing of our son was truly an accident. We believe that Amber has learned her lesson and has suffered enough. It is a painful feeling to have to prematurely bury a loved one and even though we lost our Botham, we hate for the Guyger family to lose their daughter as well during this tragedy. We are asking that the judge reviews our wishes and free Amber Guyger because we know that this was not intentional. Mistakes happen all the time and remorseful people should not be punished. We believe this is what Botham would want” says the mother of Botham Jean, Allison Jean.

As of now, it is unclear if the judge will consider the Jean family’s wishes. However, it is very possible that the judge can amend the sentencing for Guyger. So far, the Guyger family has not made any comments regarding the outcome of Amber Guyger’s trial.