Nicki Minaj Says JT of City Girl’s ‘First Day Out’ Track Is Hot Trash!

JT of the City Girls was just released from prison, after serving a year for credit card fraud. While JT is celebrating her release from prison, not everyone was excited to here her latest track, “First Day Out” which was also dropped just yesterday. While fans are elated that the duo is back together after being separated over the summer, JT is already being hated on. Several

Recently retired rapper, Nicki Minaj took to social media to give her review of JT’s new track. “So I just listened to the City Girl record, First Day Out and it is HOT TRASH! Uggghhh! It’s making my ears bleed. Stop discussing this bulls*t. This is the reason I retired, it is fans out here responsible for fake rappers making this trash” says Minaj. She originally tweeted about the song on Twitter but she later deleted the tweet and tweeted:

Do you agree with Queen Nicki?