Future Named in Paternity Suit Over Alleged 8th Child

Uh Oh! Looks like rapper Future is in the hot seat again and is now facing ANOTHER Paternity suit. This marks baby #8 and it doesn’t look like the rapper is pulling out on time anytime soon. According to the good folks over at VladTV, Future is in for a ride and here is what they had to say:

According to TMZ, a woman named Cindy Renae Parker has filed a paternity suit against Future, claiming that he’s the father of her 8-month-old son, Legend Ary Wilburn. Parker says that Future agreed to take a paternity test, but he started ignoring her attempts to contact him when it came time to take the test. She said that the lawsuit is her last resort. 

This comes after a woman named Eliza Seraphin filed legal documents in Florida claiming that Future is the father of her 6-month-old daughter. Seraphin claims that Future ghosted her after she gave birth in April. 

Future seemingly addressed the reports on a song, and a snippet was shared online where he spit the line, “I don’t know her name, but she had my child.” You can check out photos of Parker and her son above. 

Source: TMZ 

Original Article: VladTV.com