Steph Curry Becomes First NBA Player to Make a $40 Mill Salary in One Season

Three time NBA champion Steph Curry made the list of the highest-paid NBA players in 2019, and he has made history by being the first NBA player ever to make $40 million in salary in just a single season. During the 2017 season, Steph Curry signed a five-year deal worth about $201 million with the Golden State Warriors, which will pay $40 million a year. 

Behind Curry are Russell Westbrook and Chris Paul, who both have a yearly salary of $38.5 million. John Wall, although suffering from an Achilles injury, and James Harden are also tied at $38 million, with LeBron James coming in at a whopping $37.4 million.

Currently, Curry is the highest paid player over Kevin Durant and Lebron James, who are arguably the two best players in the NBA.

Original Source: Atlanta Black Star