Tank: “I Love Being On The Bottom”

R&B singer Tank has ruffled a few feathers earlier this week when he appeared on Angela Yee’s podcast, Lip Service. According to the “When We” singer, getting same gender oral from a man does not make a man gay if it only occurred one or two times. After Tank made the comment, the internet went berserk. From fans to other celebrities, people have been roasting left and right, having no mercy on the singer.

Just days later, Tank revealed that not only does receiving oral from a man not make a man gay but neither does sleeping with trans women. According to Tank, it’s not gay if the man is in fact trans. “We as a people, especially black people, need to stop being so homophobic. I admire trans women. They turn me on. They fight just like black people and living life as trans is a badge of honor that no one can deny. I’ve been with several trans women but O don’t feel like I’m gay. I love being on the bottom but if my partner identifies and lives her life as a women, how would that make me gay? Doesn’t make sense” says Tank.

It’s been rumored in the past that Tank has had relationships with trans women and today he confirmed it. Do you agree with Tank?