50 Cent Smacks The Fire Out Of Young Buck For Bringing Transgender Woman to G-Unit Headquarters

Young Buck and 50 Cent have had a rocky relationship for awhile and today things escalated to a physical assault. Today, Young Buck and a “friend”, a transgendered woman who goes by “GlamourPurFek” paid an unexpected visit to 50 at G-Unit Headquarters located in New York. According to sources who were on the scene, Buck wanted to discuss where he stands with the G-Unit group and to find out why his music has been removed from iTunes.

When Young Buck ran into 50 Cent in the hallway while with his trans friend, 50 immediately recognized his “friend” from the blogs which had exposed Young Buck for being a “trans chaser”. “Really?”, 50 questioned as he slowly raised his hand at Young Buck. “Don’t you ever disrespect me or G-Unit Headquarters” 50 Cent said as he smacked Young Buck. Sources on the scene claim Young Buck apologized as tears rolled down his face. The couple was quickly escorted out the building.

Unfortunately, it is still unknown why Young Buck’s music suddenly disappeared from iTunes and what his status is as a member of G-Unit. So far, no charges have been pressed as a result of the assault on Young Buck.