Confirmed: Soulja Boy’s Ex Nia Riley Confirms He’s Strung Out On Meth!!

Soulja Boy’s erratic behavior has been raising the eyebrows of many over the past few years and just recently his ex-girlfriend Nia Riley, daughter of Teddy Riley, has confirmed he is strung out on Methamphetamine. According to Nia, Soulja has been on Meth for years and it’s now taking a toll on him. “When he’s geeked up, he becomes paranoid, abuse and just plain crazy” says Nia. “Look at his face, the dope has changed everything about him, he had lost like 30 pounds and his face is filled with sores and craters. Sometimes it’s so bad, he’s got to wear makeup, he’s far gone” she added.

In addition to the paranoia and abuse, close sources also tell us that Soulja also murdered Nia’s puppy that he purchased as a gift for her. Nia first found out about Soulja’s drug use when filming Love and Hip Hop Hollywood. She claims she found a meth bowl in his drawer and Soulja Boy claimed that he was not an addict and that the bowl did not belong to him.

We’ve reached out to Big Draco and of course he declined to comment. Soulja Boy has been in the studio still producing and recording and apparently the dope has not slowed his grind.