Future Pissed Off At Russell Wilson… “This Man Keeps Trying To Out Father Me On Social Media With My Son”

Yesterday was Future Jr’s 5th Birthday and little man was wished a happy birthday across many social media platforms. Future Jr’s stepfather, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson took to Instagram and post a photo of he and Future Jr spending quality time together with a heartfelt caption. Here’s what the caption said:

“From the moment we came into each other’s worlds to now… 5 years later, you have changed my life and my heart for the better. You are the greatest gift I could have ever asked God for! I will always love you, guide you, teach you, and care for you. Happy 5th Birthday Future! Papa Russ loves you!”

The caption that Russell Wilson left under the photo has been praised by fans and followers all over the internet with the exception of one person. Future Sr, who bought his 5 year old Junior a Rolex, was not happy with all the praises Russell Wilson has received. Here’s what Future had to say :

“I’m so tired of this goofy axx nxgga and his fans praising him for being a step daddy like I don’t exist or like I’m a dead beat. I’m none of the above. I’m very active in my most of my kid’s lives, including Future’s. This man keeps tryna our father me on social media with my son and I’m fed up. My boy is even starting to look like him and I hate it! It stops today Russell Wilson. I bought my son a Rolex but somehow I’m the villain. Russell Wilson lame AF for not clearing my name meanwhile he letting his Lil followers make him out to be father of the year”

Do you agree with Future? Is Russell Wilson trying to make out father him or is he really just insecure? Is it Russell Wilson’s responsibility to clear Future’s name of all the deadbeat accusations?