Georgia Woman Charged With Second Degree Murder After Seeking Mid-Term Abortion in Florida!

A Georgia woman is in custody after crossing state lines to a neighboring state to have an abortion. 19 year old Destiny Collins is being held in police custody and has been charged with second-degree murder of her unborn fetus. Collins found out that she was 12 weeks pregnant a month ago. According to Collins, she was raped and and the assault resulted in an unwanted pregnancy. Left to pay for an abortion alone, Collins had to drive Uber for a month to afford an abortion. Collins planned to seek an abortion in Atlanta but after Governor Kemp signed the controversial heartbeat bill, Collins was not allowed to abort the unwanted pregnancy in Georgia.

Destiny Collins traveled to Orlando, Florida where she found a clinic that allowed abortions up to 20 weeks. She opted for a medical abortion to terminate the pregnancy. After the abortion, Collins returned back home to middle Georgia where she was greeted by local law enforcement who then arrested her and charged Collins with second-degree murder. She is currently held in police custody, without a bond, while she awaits her court date. According to family members of Collins, law enforcement was called when the unnamed abortion clinic gave up records for Georgia residents who sought abortions in the the state of Florida.

Collins is the first woman to be charged with murdering her unborn child in the act of abortion after a heartbeat had been detected. Just signed into law, the bill proposes that any woman who has an abortion is to be charged with second degree murder if gestation is determined to have surpassed 6 weeks.