Honorable Stepfather: Russell Wilson Makes Future’s Son A Beneficiary To His Will

Russell Wilson has done it again. This time he has made his step son, Future Wilborn, a beneficiary to his will and estate in the event of Wilson’s passing. Russell Wilson, who just signed a contract extension worth $140 million, already has a network of $75 million. Future Wilborn and his sister Sienna will each get 25%, Wilson’s wife Ciara will get 35% with the remaining 15% going to various charity organizations.

Russell Wilson has stated that by the time he retires from the NFL, his family will be financially set for generations ahead. The fact that Russell plans to donate 15% of his estate to the charity is extremely admirable.

“It is important to me that my family will be worry free when it comes to finances in the event that I pass away. It’s always been my goal to take care of my son, my daughter and wife first and foremost. God has blessed me with athleticism that will put me in the position to not only take care of my family but to also give back. That’s why I’ve decided to give 15% to severest different charities. Look, when I die, I cannot take this money to heaven with me, so it’s my civic duty to give back to the communities that allowed me to acquire this wealth. I thank God every morning for my wife, my son and my daughter and to be honest, they give me more wealth than any dollar can. I do this for them.”

Says Russell Wilson. It’s clear that Wilson has made great decisions with the money he has earned from the NFL and he seems to be generally happy with or without the money.