Mo’Nique Accepts BET’s $10K Deal For Special A Year After Turning Down Netflix Because She’s Broke Broke

Last year, Mo’Nique proposed a boycott against TV streaming giant, Netflix, after being offered a substantially lower pay compared to other stand up comedians like Amy Schumer, Dave Chappelle, and Chris Rock. Mo’nique, who hailed herself as the most decorated comedienne of all time, claimed that Netflix was sexist and racist even though Amy Schumer, a woman and Dave Chappelle, an African American both got generous deals from Netflix. It has been reported that Netflix offered her $500,000.

Fast forward a year and fans have yet to hear or see anything from Mo’Nique. She hasn’t gone on tour or done any movies. Siding with Mo’Nique, Viacom’s BET decided to offer her a two hour special to premiere on BET in exchange for $10,000, despite the fact that many people in Hollywood have dubbed the comedienne as difficult and hard to work with. Well according to sources, Mo’Nique has no choice but to accept it. Last year she turned down half of a million and since then she has humbled herself.

BET’s offer is certainly a slap in the face for Mo’Nique but the academy award winner is apparently hard up for cash and is no longer in the position to say no. We reached out to Mo’Nique and here’s what she had to say:

“Last year I was furious. I was mad because I had been discriminated and Blackballed by Hollywood. What hurt even worse was how some of my friends peers spoke about me. Saying I wasn’t worth the money I was asking for or deserved. After turning down Netflix and HBO, I spent a lot of time to myself and I had to really humble myself to agree to a $10,000 deal. I’m doing this because I love my fans and I want to deliver and because I need the money”