R Kelly Under Fire For Attending High School Prom

R Kelly is under fire again for escorting a young lady to her senior prom at a high school in Chicago. According to sources close to the young girl, R Kelly asked her parents for permission to escort the girl to prom and the parents agree. He’s now under fire as he awaits trial for his court date to face the charges received in February. R Kelly danced the night away with his date and we are told that at one point the dancing became to explicit and a teacher had to step in and ask him to leave.

R Kelly has made headlines all year long from the documentary, Surviving R Kelly to his sexual deviance resurfacing again. The Lifetime documentary brought attention to R Kelly all over again which has affected his livelihood. In the documentary, many young women came forward saying that they were sexually abused by the singer. Some of his victims claim they were young as 13 years old at the time off the abuse. He’s had a tough year with financial woes and he’s facing jail time, again, if he doesn’t play catch up with his child support. In Feburary, following new accusations, R Kelly was charged with 10 counts of sexual abuse against underage girls. He’s currently out on bond and trying hard to clean up his image as well as mend the broken relationship between he and his kids.

We are told that his lawyer is pissed that he would go to a prom with an underage girl when he is trying to clean up his image. It was not wise for him to go to an event filled with underaged girls while he is fighting sexual abuse against underage victims charges. Not exactly sure what point he was trying to prove but it was not a smart move on R Kelly’s part.