Lil Wayne Speaks On Threesome With Lauren London & Nipsey Hussle

Rapper Lil Wayne has broken his silence over the death of his baby mama’s other baby daddy, Nipsey Hussle. Nipsey was gunned down in Los Angeles on March 31st in front of his store, “The Marathon”. Since the passing of Nipsey Hussle, he has been remembered as an iconic rapper who loved his hood and community. Nipsey has also been remembered as an advocate for the Black and Brown communities nationwide. While everyone has remembered Nipsey Hussle for wisdom and his philanthropy, Lil Wayne reveals a different side in his latest song.

According to Lil Wayne, he admired Nipsey too. They had a great relationship despite sharing the same baby mama.

“Nip was very welcoming of me and my son. He showed nothing but love and respect. We never had no smoke. There’s been several occasions I’ve flown out to Cali and Nip opened his doors and told me, ‘Nah man, you’re not staying in a hotel, your staying here’. In the beginning, it was weird. I got several baby mamas and none of their other baby daddies was as cool so I was like is he tryna set me up? I’m a blood and he’s a crip so I thought it was gonna be some automatic static. So in my latest song, I decided to talk about the last time me, Lauren and Nip hung out in LA”

Lil Wayne’s latest song, “Dimples” is a song dedicated to his baby mama, Lauren London. Here is an excerpt from the song:

“And I thank you for keepin things simple/ Cuz my other Baby Mamas on me like a pimple/ And yeah I still adored ya/ Yet I kept it cordial/ so you moved on like a gypsy/ You fell in love with Nipsey/ But when I came over the three of us got a little tipsy/ That’s when I nutted on ya nipples/ Nipsey came back and nutted on ya dimples”

In the song “Dimples”, Lil Wayne reveals the relationship that he had with Nipsey Hussle. Also, surprisingly, Lil Wayne also reveals a threesome that happened between Nipsey Hussle, Lauren London and Weezy. Most people will find this an odd scenario, however we salute Nipsey Hussle and Lil Wayne for both being mature enough to have a good relationship with each other.