R Kelly Requests Special Assistance In Jail Because He Can’t Read Commissary List

It’s been a tough year for disgraced R&B singer R Kelly. Kelly, 50, has been arrested twice this year and faces multiple charges including child pornography, sex trafficking, enticement of a minor to engage in criminal sexual activity, and obstruction of justice. He is facing two separate federal indictments in Illinois and New York. Kelly was apprehended on July 12th min Chicago, Illinois.

This is not R Kelly’s first rodeo with charges but this time he has no bail. He is currently detained and is being held at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Illinois. Without a bail, Kelly is behind bars and we hear he is having a hard time. According to our sources on the inside, Kelly is not adjusting to his new jail lifestyle and has requested special assistance.

Earlier this year, Lifetime’s special, “Surviving R Kelly” revealed a lot of information on the singer that was not public knowledge. One of the most surprising facts revealed about the Grammy Award winner is that he cannot read. According to people close to Kelly, he cannot read, not even on an elementary level and it had caused many triumphs, especially since he is in jail. While locked up, Kelly was given a list of items available for purchase through the jail commissary and he cannot distinguish the items on the list. We were able to catch up with one of the correctional officers at the facility who wishes to remain anonymous and here’s what he had to say:

“Robert Kelly has been down here and for over a week and he struggles with reading different things. He was given a commissary list and told to circle the items he wanted. When he told the guard he couldn’t read, they didn’t take him serious. So he did the best he could and circled the items which he thought he would need. A couple of days later, he received the items and he was mad. He claims he ordered socks but he was given stamps instead. According to his form, that’s what he circled. He then told me he can’t read like that. For the most part, he knows his alphabet and the sounds that most letters make, however when it comes to reading an entire word, he often gets confused. He knew that the word “socks” started with an “s” so I think he just circled what ever word started with a letter “s”. Unfortunately, although he wanted to order socks, he circled the word “stamps” and that is what he was given.”

Anonymous Correctional Officer at the Metropolitan Correctional Center

Although Kelly’s team has requested to get an assistant in jail with him, chances are his requests will be denied. He’s currently awaiting trial which set to begin on September 8th. In the meantime, R Kelly will have to continue to do the best he can. He is currently in general population but he is hopeful that he will be transferred to solitary confinement because of his celebrity status and the nature of his crimes. It is not uncommon for inmates facing crimes against children to be the subject of violence in general population.