Seth Curry: “Ayesha Wanted Me First But She Settled For Steph”

Portland Trailblazers shooting guard, Seth Curry who is also the younger brother of Steph Curry has spilled some wild, controversial tea. According to Seth, Ayesha Curry, wife of Steph, actually had a thing for him first. The three grew up in North Carlacia together and attended the same youth church groups. Seth claims that he was actually talking to Ayesha first but he wasn’t too impressed so he passed her to his big brother, Steph. Here’s what he had to say as recounts how it went down:

“So I was like 13 and Ayesha was attending the youth church group that me and Steph used to go to. So she approached me one day and was like ‘let’s go over some scriptures, together’. I thought she was fine so I was with it. We kicked it for like two weeks but as a kid, that’s more like 5 years. Me and her would talk on the phone, play bible trivia, all of that. I can’t lie, I thought she was pretty but she became pretty obsessive. She started getting on my nerves so I passed the alley to my big brother Steph. I figured since he was always awkward with girls, this could help him out. At first, it was weird but then things became normal once I got a new girl. Ayesha wanted me first but she settled for Steph. Steph was always first place in sports but when it came to girls, that was more my thing. I’m glad they are happy, he really loves her.”

says Seth Curry in regards to his brief relationship with Ayesha Curry. Destined to eventually become a Curry, Ayesha went on to marry Steph in 2011. After the two started a kiddie romance, they went their separate ways, reconnecting in California when Steph was going to college. The couple now has three beautiful children. Seth is currently engaged to Doc Rivers’ daughter, Callie Rivers. Seth and Callie have one child.